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Sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP)

  • Sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP)

    CAS No: 7785-84-4

    Main content: above 99%

    Molecular formula: (NaPO3)3

    Molecular weight: 305.92

    Industrial and food Grade

    Package:25kg/Bag or 1ton/Bag

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Sodium trimetaphosphate (STMP)

Molecular formula: (NaPO3)3

Molecular weight: 305.92

CAS Number: 7785-84-4

Executive standard: HG-T 4515-2013

Application (industrial grade, food grade):

1. Starch modifier; juice turbidity inhibitor; water retention agent; water softener; meat binder; dispersant; stabilizer (used in ice cream, cheese, etc.); it can prevent food discoloration and vitamin C decomposition.

2. Used in the food industry as a starch modifier, juice turbidity preventer, meat binder, dispersant and stabilizer (for ice cream, cheese, etc.). It can prevent food from discoloring and prevent decomposition of vitamin C.

3. It can be added to gypsum board and used to produce low-density washing powder, and can also be used to produce dry bleach and automatic dishwashing detergent.

Packing: double-lined plastic and outer woven bag; double-lined plastic and outer kraft paper;

Net weight: 25KG/bag; 200-1000KG/bag

Shelf life: 2 years

The technical requirements are as follows:

Indicator name


Premium grade

First grade

Qualified product


White powder

Sodium trimetaphosphate (calculated as (NaPO3)3), w/%≥




Water insoluble matter, w/%≤


PH value (1% aqueous solution)


Arsenic (AS), w/%≤


Heavy metals (calculated as Pb),w/%≤


Fluoride (as F),w/%≤


Particle size (sieving rate)


Note: The technical requirements in the red part are food-grade special standards

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