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Main uses of industrial grade sodium metabisulfite

Source:Xingxin Bio-tech Co.,Ltd Release time:2021-07-06 15:02:19 Author:2202

Main uses: printing and dyeing mordant; dechlorinating agent after fabric bleaching; reducing agent and sulfonating agent for chemical industry and medicine; bleaching agent for bamboo, wood and paper fiber;

non-ferrous metal beneficiation agent; wastewater treatment agent; rubber coagulant; Used as a hydrocarbon-based perfume aldehyde; used as a depilatory, softening agent and abrasion agent in the leather industry; used as a reducing agent for the developer and a protective agent for the fixing solution in the photosensitive industry.

Packaging: Polypropylene woven bag for external use, polyethylene plastic bag lined, paper-plastic composite bag, kraft paper bag, etc.

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